Simplest method to insert stored procedure output into a table – SQL Server

Recently in a developer meet, I was asked a question that, “is there a simpler way to have a stored procedure output fill into a table without defining all columns, as simple as like * into #t ?” You must be thinking about OPENQUERY, Continue Reading..

How to check if a column exists in a table – SQL Server

Checking a column existence in a table is very simple in SQL Server, but you should be careful while doing it on Azure environment. We simply ignore the performance consideration while writing SELECTs against systems tables/views/dmvs etc. Recently a stored proc started Continue Reading..

How to generate Fibonacci Series in SQL Server

How to generate Fibonacci Series in SQL Server? This is a very commonly asked interview question for SQL developers. I assume you must be knowing what is Fibonacci Series? In mathematics, the Fibonacci numbers are the numbers in the following integer sequence, called the Continue Reading..